Frolicking Me

(From Mangalore Trip)

Nature is the one for me. Whenever I want to meet myself…., I choose to be with nature….

At Kapu beach, felt as if i got god’s gift by seeing this lovely beach in Mangalore. Waves were very pleasing and emitting loudly…. “see how much we are enjoying every moment ..” .
By the time it touched my feet, I was kind of drifting along with the waves. The feeling was like this is something that I haven’t experienced before.

Suddenly, I felt it’s depth and strength and a fear came into my heart, Fear of getting carried away so long with the waves. So next moment only I came out swiftly by running.

But….Those splashing waves sound was alluring me again and they were talking to me. It was so hard to ignore, At last by giving a little smile I just went with the flow again. Now I became more friendly and frolicking in water.

I spent quality time there, But I had to come out for going back to home. Still my heart was floating with the waves. Really I met myself in the nature.

Sarong - Designed by Myself, Earrings - Old, Silver Chain - Gifted By Mom, Footwear - Commercial street

Photography - Through The Lense Of John Photography

Supriya Gupta


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