Final Storke Of Golden Jewellery

Every painting needs final swirling strokes to complete it… create more depth in the painting… make it more live… this each and every dress also needs some accessorization to complete the dress… complete the look.

Here golden neckpiece and earrings complimenting this white cat print dress very well.

I bought this dress fabric last year December when I went to a local market in Bangalore. There fabrics were all jumbled up at a store. We saw this beautiful fabric in between that mess. It has cute cats all over the fabric….:)..

I made this dress little loose and having cuts on sides and front which is making the dress little flowy. Its perfect for a day time party, friends get together and college as well. In this summer its very comfortable with its calm color and cool print….:P

Earrings, Neckpiece and bangles- Brigade Road, Long Dress- Designed By Myself, Black Jeggings- Mineral

Photography - RG Photography

Supriya Gupta


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