Tartan Butterfly

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We all want to look fashionable, But also we want to be confident and comfortable enough in what we are wearing. We all want our self to be noticed with some iconic look in today’s jostling crowd. The Unique outline of a garment, color, pattern, or an accessory with a right place can make the entire look stand out.

Baggy pants are best option because these pants make you look trendy in your comfortable zone. I personally like these pants so much, I can spend my entire day freely like a butterfly in baggy pants.

I am sharing here a casual look with tartan baggy pant and solid velvet top. This casual look makes me think of joyously and lightly flying a butterfly, also its tartan pattern takes to 90’s grungy fashion era and Hipsters.

Tartan remains on trend for almost every season. I doubt this pattern will ever go out of fashion. It’s an evergreen classic pattern that goes for casual and semi formal look too. The various tartan pattern can give you various appearances. Teaming up with the black top is balancing the look properly with a little bit of subtle shine. For accessorizing I wore White, semiprecious stone studs with black metal finish that’s again match with casuals and formals as well. How could I forget to tell about my sterling cross pendant chain, without this neckpiece it would look so empty.

  Here, let’s see a few more shop and style guidelines:-
    #   Adding tartan pant in your wardrobe can never be a waste of money because it’s always on trend, so waiting for what..??.. Add one in your wardrobe.
    #   Large and bold color tartan will show more boldness, the smaller, more geometrical and clearly lined checks are even more interesting and appealing.
    #   If the whole look is tartan patterned then adding at least one solid pattern like a broad waist belt, scarf, or jacket layering can balance your look so well.
    #   Baggy trousers can be worn for all the occasions by just knowing how to match it as per the event. For example: - bright color pants for casuals, solid color pants with shimmer top or jacket for party look, formal wear fabric pant with plain top or shirt and formal jacket for a formal look.
    #   Baggy pants are best suited for spring and summer season. But you can wear leather and denim baggy pants in winters also.
    #   Statement jewelry will be the best match for this type of look.
    #   To balance out the look you can wear tight fitted shirts and tops with the loose style baggy pants. You can wear heels with the pants if want to add a little more height.

Top and Tartan Baggy- Designed by Myself, 
Cross- Madras Jewellery Shop(made in Italy)
Silver Chain- Lakshmi Jewellers(Malviya Nagar, Jaipur)
Ear studs and Footwear- Commercial street(Bangalore)

Photography - Through The lense Of John Photography

Supriya Gupta


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