Diwali in Pink City

As we all know Diwali is a biggest Hindu festival and people celebrate this festival around the world. In India this festival is more exciting for everyone.
This Diwali was a little more exciting for me because this Diwali I was finally in my home town and I had explored so many places in Jaipur with extremely beautiful lighting. I have clicked a few pictures and gonna share best out of all them.

Diya a Symbol of Goodness
Happiness can be seen in each and every home with Glimpse of traditional Diyas. Same clay Diyas will light up a house of a millionaire and small hut of poor men. This is a festival of lighting, festival of gifting joy to others in the form of many things. When we see Diyait actually looks like Diyas are the hope of finding light in darkness, achieving knowledge where there is ignorance, and spreading love amidst hatred. Here a few pictures clicked by me, Diyas kept on Rangoli at my home.

Arjuna Statue
The Jaipur city’s highest statue was spreading a lot positive energy with its white lighting on the bottom.

Kesargarh Fort
Kesargarh a fort that stands within Jaipur city. It was donated by Thakur Kesar Singhji of Kanota to Karpur Chand Kulish - the founder of Rajasthan Patrika in the early 1950s. It is a head office of newspaper Rajasthan Patrika. During Diwali days it used to be open till late night for people to see its beautiful lighting. It was dressed up with warm white lights so nicely. It was having eye pleasing light rendering.

Ajmeri Gate
Guys tell me what comes in your mind when you think of Jaipur? No doubt the first thing will be pink only and next that all royal palaces and monuments. One of the seven gates of Jaipur city’s wall is a north Jaipur Ajmeri gate. This entry gate for Kishanpole Bazaar and so many old streets was decorated so well with Pinkcity’s pink lights, it was enough attractive for each and everyone.

Swargasuli, a tower of victory and a tower of heaven was truly giving an Indian patriotic feeling with its Indian flag colors. I think this is the best picture among all I had clicked that day.

Johari Bazar
Below two pictures are taken at the Johari Bazaar. Meaning of Johari is ‘Jewel’ and Johari bazaar was actually decorated as a shop of a jeweler. You guys can see that they have decorated the street with a lot of bulbs and these Bulb hangings were really depicting jewelry dangles.

Albert Hall Museum

The state museum of Rajasthan, Albert Hall Museum was exactly embellished as a palace of heaven. We all must have seen some god, movies or serials, in these movies we see that God used to stay in their palace, which is full of lights and our eyes get fixed on the screen when that palace comes on screen. It exactly looked like that. While seeing these I just went into a dream world for some time.

Motisons Jewellers Lotus Showroom
Motions Lotus showroom has always an attraction for people because of its unique architecture, color changing effects on special glass of building and of course Motisons Jewellery. It’s one from all top 20 buildings in the world. At Diwali time they had done decoration on the God Budh theme, so again it was making each and every person passing from lotus building to stop and see its beauty.

Photography - Through The lense Of Supriya

Supriya Gupta


These were all my visits on Diwali 2016, let me know guys how you find it and if you want to experience a local version of Las Vegas, then next time you must visit the Pink City during Diwali!!

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