Fashion Trends 2018

Another fashion year is over and another set of fashion trends are about to start. One thing is sure that 2018 is going to be a great year for fashion and trends.
So here is a forecast of the biggest trends for the season, ahead.

Ruching Dress and Trench dresses, Slip Dresses

RuchingTrench and slip dresses all are expected to set super comfy fashion trend this year. Yeah..! why to wear so tight corsetry dresses when ruching is so much more comfortable? So this year Ruching can take place in trendy dresses. Ruching is a type of machine gathers detail.

Designers are breaking the tradition of usual Trench coat of thick cotton, leather or poplin fabric. Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week Designers showed a lot variations of Trench, which will make you add on atleast one Trench in your wordrobe. Slip dress can also be counted in the list which has been mostly as nightwear but now as super comfy, cute and sexy casual and partywear. When your shoulders can be decorated with diamonds and pearls then why to go for basic slip dress strap.

Sheer, Tiers, Fringe and Metallic Sequins

2018 we can say a skin featuring year. Sheer will be continued for this year as well, but the styles may change a lot in new ways. Surely sheer will be visible in a fully new life with all new silhouettes. (click here to know the evolution of sheer dress by celebrities)

Tiered Bottoms and dresses will also be seen in the coming season. So many designers had made a combination or sheer, tiers, and sequins.

Real Supermodels walked the ramp in Versace‘s metallic dresses, Other Designers too showed sequins in a creative way. Definitely this season Sequin and Metallic will be rocking.

Puffed Shoulders, Asymmetrical and Square Necklines

Puffed sleeves are truly not so new in the trend, but this time it will come in a lot of different ways. Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik have walked in a white dress to Zimmermann show at New York Fashion Week Spring 2018.

If we talk about trendy necklines, wearing an open neckline that shows it off is going to make most women appear longer and leaner. These are super flattering and sexy necklines, but here one thing never forget that Asymmetrical necklines can make your shoulders look narrow and with Square Necklines you can create an illusion of broad shoulders.

Pastels and Primary Colour Palette, Dark Denim, White Tank Tops

In the new year 2018 spring-summer season, designers giving us a wide range of primary and pastel colors that include blue, green, yellow, red, coffee, peach, Because of we all differently like the colors.

It’s been so long with all whitewashed Denim, Now take out all Dark Denim which You didn’t even look at for so long. Another one is White Tank Top, Yeah! The one tight fit Basic Tee.

Glittery eyelids, The Modern Cat Eye, Cherry-Pop Lips, The Return Of Nail Art

Makeup will be definitely a touch of graphics and tribal art we can say, But even we will be celebrating the natural beauty with clear skin, minimalist eye makeup and nude lips or for the natural beauty just go with bigger eye lashes only and thicker eyebrows.
Not only clear skin, there will be color pop as well either on the eyes or on the lips and Neo-Liner will take place of cat eye.

Nail art has not gone out of fashion yet. As the season will be glittering with metallic gowns and shimmery eyelids, So nails will be matched to the look and sometimes poppy according to the lip color.

Short Cuts, Hairclip Revival, Princess Necklace, Show Shocks and Mary Jane

So this season the Tomboy Pixie Haircuts will be seen and long wavy hair with golden or pearl embellished hair clips.(Click here for The list of celebrities look great with a shorter hairstyle) Princess Necklace will take place of Choker and long dangles and extra large Hoop Earrings will be swinging with casuals and Partywear too.

One more very comfort level and a cute yet sexy trend is coming up which is Mary Jane school girl Shoes and Socks will have a lot of variety. Fishnet Socks in ankle lengthh and knee length. Statement socks with sandals and Open toe socks will make your life much easier.

Overall, it is the trend report for the coming season, but it’s your personal choice to follow or not to follow because who will dare to question your own style. After all, it’s for your comfort and your happiness, So enjoy the New Year guys..:D

Supriya Gupta

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