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Last week I went to Makkah Masjid, the oldest mosque in Hyderabad, India. It is one of the largest Masajids in India. It was my first time at the Mosque.
Usually, when we go to a temple in north or south India,
it’s not mandatory for a girl to cover the head with Dupatta. It is always good to cover because it is the symbol of showing respect for God. For Muslim religion, it is strictly compulsory, no matter what is the gender or what is the age, all are supposed to cover their head with a cap for male and dupatta for female.I didn’t want to go for Makkah Masjid like a tourist so I too carried my favorite Golden Dupatta which was matching with this purple dress very well.

Dark purple Lip color is because this is the only purple color dress I have in my wardrobe so I thought why not make it more special with different lip color and actually it gave a real eye-catching appearance with purple lips. Taking an inspiration from Aishwarya Rai and Rihanna was really worth.

A few styles guide for this Look Vook :-
1. Golden dupatta is the one which we should have in our wardrobe, which can be carried with most of your plain suits like any white or black or red suit, It will give a very elegant look.
2. Golden dupatta never goes out of fashion and it will add the richness to any of your simple look.
3. Purple color lips you can really do, no matter you have darker skin tone or lighter skin tone, get more ideas here.
4. Don’t go for glossy finish only go for the matte liquid lipstick, it’s really good for a clean and really sharp lip shape.
5. Don’t go for lots of accessories with this purple color lipstick or any dark color lipstick.
6. For wearing Purple in 8 more you can also click here.
7. Wear it with the confidence, because all are going to look at you only.
Purple Dress- Akkriti(Myntra)
Dupatta- GT, Malviya Nagar(Jaipur)
Earrings- Jewellery Exibition(Jaipur)
Neckpiece- Brigade Road(Bangalore)
Ballerinas- Lajpat Nagar Market(Delhi)
Lipstick- Laad Bazar, Near Charminar(Hyderabad)

Photography – Likesh MV Photography

Supriya Gupta

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