Weekend Morning at Khajaguda Hills

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It's damnHot in Hyderabad these days. Only early mornings feel like a bit better for going anywhere for an outing. Me and my friends planned for Khajaguda Hills in the very early morning.
Found this place perfect for a weekend outing. Khajaguda Hills, which is a trekking point for a lot of youngsters. It's very near to the high-tech city (just 3 kms). There is also a Cave (Meher Baba Cave) on top. 

Don't forget to check out a few guides if you are planning for the same location.
sunrise at khajaguda hills hyderabad

peaceful at khajaguda hills hyderabad

top view from khajaguda hills hyderabad

sun kissing portrait

top view khajaguda hills hyderabad

enterence of khajaguda hills hyderabad
Khajaguda Enterence
                                      Look 2

Few guides if you are planning too for this place:-
  • It's good to go there in the early morning as early as possible. We went at around 5:45 am and by the time we were coming back at 7:30 or 8 am it was again so hot, So I suggest that go there by 5 am at least and come back by 7 am according to the current weather.
  • Carry some fruit juices and water bottles because there you won't find anything such.
  • It's better to wear shoes, because of rocks all around and some bush/thrones. 
  • You can even plan for a campfire and spend a peaceful time there with your friends.
  • The 3rd last picture of mine on a rock, that's the main area where most of the people take pictures. 
  • Last but not the least, don't forget to take sunrise pictures there.

Black Velvet Top and Head Scarf - MeraLookVook
Watch- Timex
Jogger Pant and Shoes- Crystal Court, Malviya Nagar(Jaipur)

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