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So guys, here is one more from the Jugaad(alternate) series. We all must have played with our mom's Dupatta or Saree in the childhood, would have tried all those makeup products also. I do that till now.
If I really like something from her wardrobe and which she don't need anymore, I tell her to keep that aside safely. Whenever I want something new and feel like experimenting then I use them. 
In the last post I shared  how to convert old Kurta into a trendy shrug (Click here for the last post Jugaad).

red crop top

crop top

big earrings

rajasthani jacket

celebrity style

styling and design by mera look vook

twisted hair bun

light makeup

Highlights of this Look Vook:-

  • I wore my mom's very old velvet blouse which was on peak trend when I was a small kid.
  • You can really invest your money in such trendy crop tops which you can wear as Saree and Lehenga Blouse as well. (Click here to find out these top)
  • It gives an appealing look as it is short enough to show the waist or midriff, But if you are more obese than wear it with some a-line bottom. 
  • This Velvet top is so inexpensive, if you get is customized for that also fabric will not be so expensive.
  • Its plain and red color is easy to match with most of the bottom wears.
  • Crop top and high waist pant will make you look taller.
  • The vibrant color of top will enhance your top body. 
  • Full embroidered Jacket will cut the soberness of this whole Look Vook.
(Click for another look in the same top)

This is one of my pocket friendly ideas, what's your idea, let me know in your comments below guys.

beaded chappals

Sleeveless Jacket - Mera Look Vook 

Red Crop Top - Mom's
High Waist Jeans - Unbranded, GT Central Mall, Jaipur

Earrings - Brigade Road, Bangalore
Beaded Chappals - JKK Exibition, Jaipur

PC: Likesh MV
Design, Makeup and Styling: Supriya Gupta

Supriya Gupta

How much do you find informative my blog?..:)… Let me know in your comments below! see you soon….

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